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IT experience

2020 PSA - MPET - ATS @ Antwerp

Sector: Container Terminal/Handler


Role: Project Manager

Projects: Fibre optic and Copper (FTP) at K869, K913 & K1742; WiFi network at K869 & K913

Type of projects: CAPEX

Disciplines: Fibre optic and Copper (FTP); WiFi 


Tasks & Responsibilities: Coordinating the roll-out of Fiber optic cables (Single Mode), Copper (FTP) and WiFi network

Change management/Budget estimation/Cost control; Planning/milestones; Construction follow-up; Commissioning (OTDR Test Reports)


Close working relation with


- ATS Engineering, Civil and Technical Teams

- Subcontracted companies for data and WiFi install

Codes and standards: according to ATS/PSA/MPET Standard Procedures

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