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Nuclear experience

2009 - 2010 Tractebel @ Brussels

Sector: Nuclear Engineering for Electrabel 

Role: Project Manager

Projects: Emergency core cooling system/Filter clogging; Hydrogen recombiners; Optimization of Climate conditions inside the nuclear reactor containment; 

Type of projects: CAPEX - EPC - Brown field

Emergency core cooling system/filter clogging: Larger filter surface area emergency core cooling system and the replacement of the present insulation of equipment/pipes in the containment at the NPP's of Doel 1/2 - 3- 4 & Tihange 1-2-3.

An assessment was made of the insulation debris which might be generated as a result of a postulated loss-of-coolant accident (pipe break). Insulation debris collected in the emergency sump could clog the strainer (filter) of the emergency pump.

For this reason a project was initiated to search for an alternative of the present insulation. The use of metallic hot insulation could be a perfect solution in case of a pipe break, insulation sections or panels falling into containment will sink rapidly and most likely not be transported toward the emergency sump. 

To assure a minimum recirculation of the emergency core cooling system, the present filter will be replaced by a new filter with larger surface area.

Hydrogen recombiners: Possible Hydrogen presency in the containment. Re-activation of the existing H2 recombiners. 

Hydrogen “recombiners” are devices that eliminate hydrogen by combining it with oxygen, a reaction that produces steam and heat.

Typically there're two H2 recombiners installed in the containment of a PWR, their mission is to reduce the quantity of hydrogen generated in a design basis accident.

Optimization of Climate conditions inside the nuclear reactor containment: A higher temperature was detected/monitored inside the containment during operation. Higher temperatures in combination with low ambient relative humidity (RH) could result in a large transport potentiall for drying of the concrete resulting in concrete shrinkage cracks. Therefore a project was initiated to increase the capacity of the Containment HVAC/climate system.

Tasks & ResponsibilitiesStudy; Concept; Detailed Design/PID/Technical specification/Process and technical calculations; Budget estimation and planning; Price bids and comparison + Q/A (with Procurement)


Close working relation with:

- Tractebel Competence Centers

- Doel & Tihange TS/Project teams

Codes and standards: according to Tractebel/Electrabel Standard Procedures

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