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Railway experience

2011 - 2012 Infrabel @ Brussels

Sector: Belgian Railway Company


Role: Sr. Project Manager

Projects: ETCS Level 1 Corridor C (ETCS = European Train Control System); Administrator Sharepoint

Type of projects: CAPEX - EPC

Description: Integration/migration from TBL1+ to ETCS L1/TBL1+ in the existing railway network of Infrabel for the Flemisch Region, Partial Projects PP03, 05, 07, 08, 11, 14 


Tasks & Responsibilities

Concept; Detailed Design/Technical specification; Hardware Design; Hardware installation; IL Design; Test Spec & Labo Tests; Downloading & Integration; On-site train tests; Safety & Validation; Assessment & Homologation

Kick-Off Meetings; KPI; Change management; Budget control; Planning/milestones (Project Dashboards)


Master Plan ETCS 2010 - 2025 planning for 200 FTE's with +40 different job descriptions


Administrator Sharepoint/Procedures

Close working relation with:

- TUC Rail

- Antwerp train station management/project team

- Subcontracted companies for engineering and construction

Codes and standards: according to Infrabel Standard Procedures

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